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From dentists who are looking for what dental products and software to buy or companies designing products and software for the dental field. We are here to help.

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Do you have a dental product or software you would like us to review? Contact us today! Our video reviews are available to help dentists make their own decisions when buying dental products and software.

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We also help dental professionals determine what products and softwares are best for their office.

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When companies are designing products and software for the dental field, we help bridge the gap between dentistry and technology. We also help companies improve their existing dental technology.

Why I created DentalTechup.

After graduating dental school I started working at the family practice. As I started to update the office I quickly realized there was not an easy way to tell what it was like to use a dental product or software online before buying, so I decided to change that by creating DentalTechup.

It was also noticeable that dentist who have been performing dentistry for a great period of time were not necessarily more knowledgeable over dental technology then I was. In fact, it was one advantage I had over them as someone who was new to the profession.

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